Workshopping Technology Content

I’ve always wanted to establish a platform that would allow me to review technology on a regular basis. I realize that this task is an easy one considering how easy it is to distribute content to the masses; however, I do not want to generate the same type of content that’s available everywhere else. I want to have my content be different, not the same regurgitation of specifications without considering what people might get out of it. I am not saying that other technology creators are deficient in any way. I am saying I want my content to stand out, not blend into the background where it will be forgotten.

I have no idea what form my particular brand of technology content will take. That’s why it’s my intention to workshop my content until I’m happy with it and/or what elicits the biggest reaction from the audience. Some of my pieces will be long and some of them will be short. I will write about the same product a number of times, but never in the same location. I will have multiple sites on which I post content so I have the ability to work the kinks out. I believe that any content is good content and deleting perfectly usable content is foolish. The page is my playground and I enjoy playing around with it and figuring out new ways to do what has been done before.

Being knowledgeable about technology is something in which I have prided myself. I’ve felt like I have been on the outside looking in for way too long. New innovations have come and gone while I sat there twiddling my thumbs and trying to nurse along some ancient contraption in which I made the foolish decision to rely. This post is the moment I draw a line in the sand and put an end to that era. I will now and forevermore remain on the forefront of what’s current in the world of technology. Other people might be okay with being left behind. I am not one of those people. Not now. Not ever.



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